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Linden Hills Neighborhood – Minneapolis Homes For Sale

Linden Hills Neighborhood


When it comes to living in one of Minneapolis’ most respected areas, the Linden Hills neighborhood offers a considerable number of amenities that makes it one of the most desired locations in the city. Offering a livability rating that is considerably above the average for most neighborhoods in the Minneapolis and western suburbs, Linden Hills Minneapolis offers outstanding amenities and reasons for people to live in this part of the city.

The entrepreneurial spirit lives in this community as it was the second location of the Famous Dave’s restaurants. Today, there are many small businesses, restaurants, and retail shops that dot the area. For those who have seen the 1996 film “Jingle All the Way”, there was an important scene of the movie shot in Linden Hills.

For those looking for Linden Hills homes for sale, there are a number of reasons why you should consider this in-demand neighborhood as your place of residence.


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Where is the Linden Hills Neighborhood?LindenHills_Map

Located in the southwestern section of Minneapolis, the boundaries of Linden Hills are as follows;

North: 36th Street West & Lake Calhoun

South: 47th Street West

East: William Berry Park& Lake Harriet

West: France Avenue – Which is the city limit.


Quick Facts about Linden Hills

◄  Linden Hills was first developed in the 1880s.

◄  The neighborhood was named by the developer for the rolling terrain and linden trees.

◄ It was first developed to entice people to leave the downtown area and live near the lakes.

◄ Most of the neighborhood today consists of Tudors and large bungalows.

◄ Lake Harriet-Como Streetcar runs along a portion of the neighborhood.

Linden Hill Property Prices

The average property prices in Linden Hills Minneapolis are considerably higher than the rest of the city on average. According to the latest numbers, the estimated value of detached houses is roughly $354,011 as compared to the city average of $256,440.

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However, the higher than average price reflects the type of neighborhood and homes that exist in this part of the city. In addition, it is also a reflection of the professional employment of those who live in this historic part of Minneapolis where you will find plenty of residents in the health care, computer, and technical fields.


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Why People Choose to Live in Linden Hills?

There are a number of reasons why people choose the Linden Hills neighborhoods to reside, starting with its impressive academic excellence as demonstrated by the Lake Harriet Schools and Southwest High School. However, there are many more attributes that make Linden Hills Minneapolis one of the best places in the region to live.

Employment Opportunities: Currently, Linden Hill is ranked in the top 4% in all of Minneapolis in terms of its household income. At a staggering $94,574 on average, it is roughly $40,000 higher than the Minneapolis average which makes this location ideal for college educated individuals and families seeking employment opportunities.

Housing: It is true that the average price for homes is higher than what you will find in most of Minneapolis, but it is also true that many homes have significant renovations to meet today’s home buyer expectations. The median home value is 82% higher than the rest of the city, but this neighborhood manages to combine modern conveniences with some quaint views of the past thanks to the historic nature of this community.  The “downtown” area of Linden Hills has great charm.

Crime Rate: On average, the crime rate in the neighborhoods is 60% lower than the rest of Minneapolis which makes most areas a very safe place for families to live.

Amenities: Another powerful reason that Linden Hills is so popular is the number of amenities that are found in and around the neighborhood. This includes a considerable number of shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee houses, excellent schools, three libraries, eighteen parks, eleven centers of entertainment, and an excellent public transportation system.

The shopping opportunities are considerable in the community thanks in large part to celebrated areas such as The Village located at 43rd and Upton which is just one block from Lake Harriet. There are a number of excellent shops that make Linden Hills a very special place for residents and visitors alike.

Outdoor Recreation: One of the reasons that Linden Hills was founded back in the 1880s was for people to enjoy the spectacular outdoor setting as provided by the lakes in the area. Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun offer excellent places to swim, boat, and recreate in the summer while the community itself offers a number of parks and outdoor activities that make it a very special place to live.

With so many people today looking for a place that has it all, the Linden Hills neighborhood has everything most people need for their daily lives. It’s little wonder that those seeking Minneapolis homes for sale are drawn to this area.

Neighborhood Schools

The public schools in Linden Hills benefit considerably from being tied to one of the more celebrated high schools in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

Southwest High School, located along the southern edge of the neighborhood on West 47th Street between Abbott and Chowen Avenues has garnered considerable attention for it academic achievements. The school itself is noted for its very high graduation rates and rigorous academics.

Opened in 1940, the school originally drew in 841 students from Linden Hills and the surrounding area. Over the years, it has developed a very strong reputation for academic excellence as it is currently ranked #11 in all of Minnesota.

Why Linden Hills is Right for You

Overall, for professionals looking for the best Minneapolis homes for sale, Linden Hills neighborhoods offer great residences in a historic setting. This is especially true for those who want quick transportation to other areas of the city while still living in the comfort of a peaceful, quiet neighborhood that provides all the amenities needed within minutes of their homes.

If you are looking for a community that excels in academics, housing value, amenities, and substantial household income levels, then the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis is the place for you.

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